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Cancer-related fatigue

Feb 9, 2023

 Cancer-related fatigue, including Neuroendocrine Cancer, impacts on, or can be a result of, sleep disturbances and affects many people, before, during and after treatment. It can have a seriously debilitating impact on lives, but effective interventions have so far proved hard to find.


So what can help?

  • Recognising and understanding the possible causes – and acknowledging the impact it is having on you can help in being able to discuss the issue with your healthcare team – so that they can understand the effect it is having on your well-being and provide support, intervention (as required) and information
  • Age – this can impact on pattern of sleep and how much sleep we may need
  • Fatigue – physical and / or psychological fatigue
  • Other symptoms that may be affecting your sleep – such as pain, itching, breathlessness, etc.
  • Preferences – where you sleep – temperature of room, lighting, bedlinen, your usual routine – “early bird’ or ‘night owl’, etc.
  • Experiences and the outcome of previous strategies / treatment(s) – what has helped in the past
  • Having information about the range of interventions and strategies available to you – such as psychological support and self-care techniques.