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National WEBINATTER – Fairy lights and flat batteries (managing fatigue)- ONLINE

This month’s webinatter focusses on fairy lights and flat batteries – learning to manage fatigue (especially around special occasions and  events)

Cancer-related fatigue can cause, or be a result of, sleep disturbances (amongst other factors) and can affect many people, before, during and after cancer treatment. Recognising and understanding the possible causes of fatigue – and acknowledging the impact it is having on you – can help in identifying ways to treat and/or manage it. 

Research has found that cancer patients can experience less distinction between daytime and night-time activity – which can disrupt our circadian rhythm: reducing daytime functioning and concentration, and increasing fatigue and low mood. These effects can also alter how we experience symptoms and overall well-being. Circadian rhythms – e.g. 24 hours – day/night cycle – influence body temperature, hormone release, metabolism, sleep-wake cycles and other important bodily functions. Therefore learning how to manage fatigue – identifying causes and dealing with them (where possible, for example, correcting anaemia) can help – not only with the everyday activities of life  – but also in helping us to  take part in, and enjoy, special occasions and events that mean something to us (even if we may need to rest for several days afterwards!).

Although titled “Sleep” – our booklet, available here – talks about  fatigue and what may help manage it.

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Dec 10 2024


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm