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NCUK National Merkel Cell (MCC) Natter : POSTPONED However . . .

Our National MCC Natter meeting scheduled for the 13th September has been postponed HOWEVER we would very much like to invite you to attend our National High-grade Natter on Tuesday the 25th October, when we have an invited speaker: Nicholas Coupe

After graduating in Australia, Nick completed his medical oncology training in 2012. After this he moved to the UK to undertake a fellowship in Oxford in the early phase clinical trial unit. Then completed a PhD at Oxford, specifically looking at associations between the BRAF mutation and angiogenesis in Melanoma. He became a consultant post in Oxford in 2019 and currently specialises in Neuroendocrine Cancers, lung cancer and melanoma. He has 10 years experience with immunotherapy and has observed it evolve throughout the years into a mainstream therapeutic for the treatment of cancer.

If you would like to join the National High-Grade Natter meeting – you can SELF-REGISTER here

The National MCC Natter group is for anyone affected by Merkel Cell Carcinoma (also known as MCC or Primary Neuroendocrine Cancer of the Skin) : you and / or your family, friends and supporters.

The National MCC Natter is open to all across the 4 Nations of the UK. It is and will continue to be run by NCUK online through zoom.

We welcome you to join us – to meet others also affected by MCC; , to share experiences, make friends and create a supportive network.

2022 MCC Natter Meetings :  Monday 12th December

2023 meetings TBA

If you would like more information about joining the MCC group  – please contact Kate or Nikie 

If you would like to join the MCC Natter – you can SELF-REGISTER here

Information on MCC can be found here



Sep 13 2022