Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

My name is Tony Attwood. I was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine cancer following abdominal surgery in January 2000.

In those days it was called carcinoid cancer. After being under the consultant surgeon he eventually transferred me to a consultant oncologist in whose care I was for a number of years before he too passed me on to an oncologist with a special interest in NET cancers and I have been under Dr. Alan Anthony ever since.

For most of my life I have had a needle phobia but attending a NET Cancer meeting at Pontefract Racecourse a number of years ago I was able to talk to other patients who were on Lanreotide injection decided to ask my consultant about it at my next appointment I started having these injections at St. James’ Hospital every 28 days. This is approximately 2 hours travel each way due to traffic so each visit took the best part of a day.

I was then offered the option of self administration or having my wife trained to inject me! I was not brave enough for self administration however my was prepared to be trained. A nurse made arrangements to visit us bringing with her training aids plus the pre-loaded syringe and under supervision I had my first injection administered by my wife. I have never looked back!!!

I live a normal life without having to look for the nearest toilets every time we go out and the hot flushes are almost non existent. This would never have happened had I not attended the meeting in Pontefract. I try to make Natter group meeting whenever possible and recommend that everyone should as not only do you receive helpful advice, learn about other treatments and development plus you make be able to help others.

Best wishes to all other patients and relatives.