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We are always looking for people to share their stories about their experience of Neuroendocrine Cancer and Neuroendocrine Cancer UK. Whether you have personal experience of Neuroendocrine Cancer yourself or through a family member or friend, we use personal stories in the media, on our website, on social media, and in our publications.

Faces & Voices of NCUK

is here for you to be part of a huge community of like minded people, and to share your own thoughts and feelings about Neuroendocrine Cancer. Whoever you are – a Neuroendocrine Cancer patient, a carer, a friend, healthcare professional or a loved one – you have the power to take action and make your voice count.

Share your experience with us

To gain an understanding of how well our level of support and our services is meeting the needs of the community, we encourage open, two-way communication across our entire organisation.

We’d love to hear your feedback (positive or negative) and your wonderful suggestions or ideas you have which can help better our organisation.

Share Your Views or Become Part of a Working Group

We often look for people with experience of Neuroendocrine Cancer to volunteer and take part in focus group discussions and surveys in order to gain insight into patients’ experience of their treatment and care. NCUK strives to be an evidenced-based organisation and your insights allow us to offer real-world evidence when we need it.

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If you have used our counselling service please complete the survey.


NET Connect are conducting two global surveys to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on neuroendocrine tumour practices and treatment decisions. Survey closes on the 25th of June.