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Welcome to our “Supporting Your Patients” page, designed to assist healthcare professionals in providing comprehensive care for individuals affected by neuroendocrine cancer. Here, you can access a variety of resources that can be ordered and distributed to your patients, empowering them with valuable information about their disease and available support services. Additionally, you’ll find details about our compassionate travel grants, aimed at easing the financial burden of travel for medical appointments and treatments. We also invite you to explore our “Lived Experience” section, featuring patient stories, blogs, podcasts, and videos, providing firsthand insights into the challenges and triumphs of living with neuroendocrine cancer.

Patient Resources
Order essential support materials to equip your clinic with the latest resources for neuroendocrine cancer care, facilitating informed patient support and comprehensive care delivery.

Compassionate Welfare Grant
Our welfare grant is a small grant that we would like as many people to be able to access as possible. Please note that we can now only offer a maximum of £100.00 – as a one-off payment. A member of the health team must complete this.

If your patient is struggling financially, they may find some of Macmillan’s information and advice services valuable: Other grants and loans.

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK Support Services
We are dedicated to supporting you in providing comprehensive care to individuals affected by neuroendocrine cancer. Our support services are designed to complement your medical expertise, offering emotional support, practical guidance, and access to valuable resources. From our compassionate helpline to confidential counselling sessions and informative patient materials, we aim to collaborate with you in delivering holistic care tailored to the diverse needs of your patients.

Lived Experience

Stories, Blogs, Podcasts and More
Explore our “Lived Experience” page, where you can gain valuable insights from patient stories, informative blogs, engaging podcasts, and enlightening videos. By hearing directly from those living with neuroendocrine cancer, you can deepen your understanding of the patient experience, gain unique perspectives, and enhance your ability to provide empathetic and patient-centered care.

The Only Book I’ll Ever Write: When the Doctor Becomes the Patient.
Written by the late, Dr. Paul Coffey.
All proceeds from this book support our cause.

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