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Life with Neuroendocrine Cancer

Sep 8, 2022

Life Neuroendocrine Cancer… We can’t tell you that everything is going to be OK or that your life won’t change. Or that relationships and emotions won’t sometimes get messy as you adjust to life with Neuroendocrine Cancer. Important aspects of your life – your relationships, work life and social life – will be affected to some degree.
There will be times when life feels great, of course. Many people live well for years, following diagnosis and we very much hope this will be the case for you. But living well can depend on many things:
  • Your physical health and disease status (type, grade, treatments, etc.)
  • Your emotional health (worry, concern, anxiety, how you react/cope with challenges/stress)
  • Your social and familial health (those around you – family and friends, work-colleagues/employers/employees – how much support you have and how much others depend on you).
In this video, NCUK Ambassador, Craig talks to us about living with uncommon cancer. Craig discusses how to working well with your medical team, how to deal with a complex condition, while trying to maintain as much of a normal life as possible. (Recorded in 2020).


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