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Emotional Wellbeing

How we think and feel is often influenced by our memories, experiences, relationships, beliefs, those around us, as well as our hopes for and concerns about the future.

Being diagnosed with cancer can throw our thoughts and emotions into chaos. It’s completely natural to experience a whole range of different feelings – often at the same time – and trying to work out how you feel, or think you should feel, can be distressing.

One thing that’s certain is that there’s no right way of reacting to the news that you have cancer. But it can help to try to identify and name the emotions you’re feeling.

Just as with physical health, where identifying the symptom and cause can help treatment – in emotional health, identifying the feeling and why you feel that way can help in dealing with it.

Most thoughts and feelings are helpful, but some can become harmful and may negatively affect our decision-making and quality of life.

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