Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Finding Ways To Cope

There are plenty of things you can do to get through bad days, from laughing with friends to working out exactly what’s making you stressed.

Having coping strategies in place is a good idea for lots of reasons. It helps you work out which things make you feel better. It helps you understand when you are likely to struggle. And it helps you to respond to difficult situations and feelings in a positive way, rather than in ways that could make you feel worse.

Coping strategies don’t need to be complicated – they’re just ways to help you relax if treatments, tests or living with a Neuroendocrine Cancer get you down.

For example; Mindfulness and “Square breathing”:

Square Breathing

If possible, it is usually a good idea to sit in a chair with your back supported and both of your feet on the floor.

Begin by slowly exhaling all of your air out.
Then, gently inhale through your nose to a slow count of 4.

Hold at the top of the breath for a count of 4.

Then gently exhale through your mouth for a count of 4.

At the bottom of the breath, pause and hold for the count of 4.

We are aware that living with Neuroendocrine Cancer can be challenging in all sorts of ways. Anxiety is a common aspect of living with NETS, whether it’s about having the condition and how it’s impacting your life generally, as a result of hormone surges, waiting for results, or having to deal with unpleasant tests or treatments.

Here are a few short exercises that may help if you are feeling anxious or worried.