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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Planning For Your Future

You are NOT ALONE! The New Normal.

Uncertainty isn’t always difficult, many of us have regular experience of it – for example going somewhere new, buying a lottery or raffle ticket . . . However, when uncertainty is about our health or the life we expected to live – it can be difficult and take a lot of emotional energy.

How well you feel day-to-day, what effect treatment may have, or how much your diagnosis will affect plans is not always predictable.

A diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Cancer is unlikely to be something you envisaged as part of your life plan, however, over time, and with the support you may need, you will find new ways of living with it and the effect it (and / or its treatments) has and may have on your life. Finding a ‘new normal’ and how to adapt to change is really helpful in learning to live well with Neuroendocrine Cancer – both physically and emotionally.

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