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New Neuroendocrine Cancer UK Ambassador

Jan 18, 2022

Please join us in welcoming our newest member of the team – Ambassador, Maria.
💬 Hi, I’m Maria, some of you may have already met me through the Natters. I live in the East Midlands and am a 60 year old semi-retired widowed mum of one daughter.
💬 I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in November 2020 after years of bowel problems and underwent surgery to remove my 2 primary NETs in June 2021.
💬 I have a medical/NHS background as I’m a former nurse and medical secretary and I also have a degree in Human Biology and Human Psychology. I’ve worked in education for the last 18 years, 14 of those in school governance and compliance; I continue to work for a small group of schools in Warwickshire.
💬 My best friend is a Jack Russel dog called Mabel and, in my spare time, I’m a keen amateur genealogist, a dabbling artist, avid reader and pottering gardener. Oh, and I should add, I’m mad about Yorkshire!
You can read Maria’s full story here.
Welcome to the team Maria.