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Questions to ask at your appointment

Mar 31, 2022

NOT JUST NE CANCER – Tests & Getting your Results.
Neuroendocrine Cancer is often small, starting out the size of a grain of sand and often not visible to the most accurate scans until it gets to about half a centimetre across or the size of a pea. It can occur in various parts of your body and spread to different places too, so finding them and identifying where they started can, on occasion, be difficult. Because of this, you may well have a number of tests before your diagnosis is confirmed – including specialist tests to ensure the evidence is conclusive.
As soon as your test results are available, your “NET” care team will review them at a specialist meeting and consider which next steps are to be taken – this could be starting a new treatment or ongoing monitoring. This usually occurs before you have a results appointment with your consultant to discuss what’s been discovered, so that you can also talk through all options.
We know that listening to and trying to understand difficult information can be difficult, especially if you’re feeling nervous or anxious. And it can be hard to think of the questions you may want to ask, whilst trying to make sense of what you may have been told.
Preparing a list of questions you might want to ask beforehand, can help to you remember what you wanted to ask. If you are finding it difficult to ask these questions you can hand them to your doctor or nurse and if you don’t feel able to deal with them at the time, you can ask to go through them later.
This short video lists some example questions which you may find useful.