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Clinical trials are used to find out if new treatments and techniques are safer and more effective than the ones that already exist, or discovering if existing treatments can be used in different ways. Without trials we really cannot make progress.

You may be offered the option to take part in a clinical trial as part of your treatment. Before you decide if a clinical trial is right for you think about the pros and cons, ask questions and find out what it involves. You are welcome to call the nurses here at the Neuroendocrine Cancer UK (formerly NET Patient Foundation) to chat through your trial details.

Not all research for neuroendocrine cancers requires directly taking part in a clinical trial. You can also get involved and help to improve treatment for Neuroendocrine Cancer patients by completing surveys about your treatment, symptoms and quality of life.

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Before committing to participate in a trial it is important to think very carefully about what the trial will mean to your lifestyle.