Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Society for Endocrinology

Jul 8, 2022


Medical societies help inform members about new research and developments in the field, and they assist doctors and other professionals, including recognised patient organisations, in protecting the interests of their patients.

The Society for Endocrinology is committed to supporting groups that represent patients with endocrine conditions, including Neuroendocrine Cancers, by facilitating dialogue with the medical community.

We work with a number of approved patient support groups that represent patients with endocrine conditions and cancers. We award grants to enable these groups to carry out their work. We also help these groups to attend Society events where they can network with the clinicians and nurses that treat and care for patients.

To be eligible for Society support, patient support groups must fulfil the criteria in the guidelines and apply for approval from our Clinical Committee.

Affiliation runs for a 3 year term – requiring re-affiliation and committee approval to continue collaborative working and support.

Update July 2022 : The SfE Clinical Committee are delighted to say you have been successful in re-affiliating with the Society.

NCUK would like to thank the Society for their acknowledgement and ongoing support and we look forward to continued collaboration to improve understanding and awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancers.