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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

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How we can support your practice, as well as your professional development.

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK is a UK wide charity solely dedicated to providing support and information to those affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer. We act as advocates, working alongside healthcare professionals and health policy makers, to promote access to best care and treatments, increase awareness, encourage and support clinical research and ultimately improve patient experience and outcomes.

From diagnosis, through treatment(s) and beyond, our team and services are here to offer support, information, expert-endorsed guidance and education to anyone affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Alongside the information and support services we provide for those diagnosed and living with neuroendocrine patients, we also recognise the importance of supporting those working with this community.

We are able to provide educational initiatives through a number of forums, including patient education events and workshops, involvement and presenting at HCP study days and conferences, information videos, community experience surveys and research including the production of professional publications.

We also recognise the need for supporting professional practice by developing educational tools and resources.

We are delighted that in 2021, through continued collaborative work, with HCPs and patients from across the UK, we now have the RCN accredited Neuroendocrine Cancer Nurse Competency Framework and CPD accredited NCUK Academy – both accessible from this page.


Neuroendocrine Cancer UK is thrilled to announce that we have now launched the competency-based, CPD accredited NCUK Academy Nurse Course.

The NCUK Academy is independent and free-to-access any time. It was designed for nurses (and allied healthcare professionals), working across a range of healthcare settings, to provide a free online resource regarding Neuroendocrine Cancer – what it is, how it may present and how it is diagnosed, treated and managed.

Developed by our specialist nurse, AHP and expert patient faculty and endorsed by UKINETs, the Academy includes a combination of evidence-based, resources, clinical practitioner and patient video presentations and is divided into 4 key inter-related E-learning components:

Part 1: An introduction and overview of Neuroendocrine Cancer

Part 2: Site Specific Neuroendocrine Cancers

Part 3: Related Syndromes

Part 4: Holistic Care Considerations

The Academy is a competency-based modular programme that aims to work from promoting awareness to encouraging a deeper understanding of Neuroendocrine Cancers – enhancing knowledge, problem-solving and the critical thinking skills of those completing it.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our incredible specialist nurse, AHP and expert patient faculty: Angie Williamson, Catherine Bouvier, Gail McKane, Irene Wotherspoon, Kate Quirk, Kym Winter, Liz Quaglia, Mike Tadman, Nikie Jervis, Wendy Martin,Yasmin Chotai de Lima for their contribution to this innovative course.


NCUK Neuroendocrine Cancer Nurse Competency Framework receives RCN accreditation

The Neuroendocrine Cancer Nurse competency framework was developed by a working group of Neuroendocrine Cancer Nurse Specialists to enhance the clinical care that adults with a Neuroendocrine Cancer receive. By preparing a competency framework from which all adult nurses can work, from those who may not see many people with Neuroendocrine Cancer to those who have taken on a specialist nurse role for this group of cancer patients, it is envisaged that their development as professional practitioners can be enhanced. It introduces new competencies that cover the many and varied types and sites of Neuroendocrine Cancer – for nurses to utilise those applicable to their particular sphere of practice.

This RCN accredited framework provides the basis for our CPD accredited NCUK Academy – to be launched July 2021.

RCN Accredited until May 24th 2022

Accreditation applies only to the educational content and not to any product
Neither RCN nor NCUK can confirm competence of any practitioner