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Are you interested in acting? – Raising funds for NPF

Nov 26, 2018

Here is an amazing prize for anyone interested in film acting…an opportunity not to be missed!  A very unique Christmas present for someone special.

The prestigious and award winning Film Actors Academy in Camden London, run by Film Director and Acting Coach Mr Paul J Lane have generously offered a one year’s full scholarship to the award winning educational programme 50 Principles of Screen Acting.  The scholarship can be used as a part time or full time course and can be flexible depending on your time commitments.

We are now inviting closed silent auction bids for the scholarship.  All money raised will be split between the NET Patient Foundation and the Maggie’s Centre Oxford.  The scholarship is estimated around £1440 so bids need to  be around this amount please.

To bid now please follow this link

For more information on the scholarship please visit: