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Cancer52 Patient Survey December 2020

Dec 3, 2020

A HUGE thank you to all of you who responded to our COVID & My Care Survey earlier this year – the summary report was made available through our newsletter and is on our website

This report was shared with our rare cancer charity partners Cancer52 as part of a submission back to Government and NHS UK Cancer Leads to inform and influence ongoing cancer care planning and the recovery and restoration of vital cancer care services.

Taking this forward – Cancer52 have developed a second patient survey :

” with the help of some of our member charities, specifically AMMF, Mesothelioma UK, Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, Pancreatic Cancer Action and Kidney Cancer Support Network. We are very grateful for their insight and time.”

The survey covers changes to treatment and care, whether people have needed to be tested or isolate before treatment, the impact of the pandemic on different aspects of their lives, and the latest advice to different vulnerable groups.

The survey closes on Monday 11th January 2021

If you would like to take part – the survey can be found here

Participation is entirely voluntary

We would love to hear from you – from those who took part in our earlier survey (have things changed?) – as well as everyone else.

Your voice, your opinion, your experience counts – and really can influence care . . .and by collaborating through Cancer 52 we can not only work together across the rare cancer community but also learn from and support each other .

Thank You

NCUK team

Further information on the Cancer52 December 2020 survey can be found here