Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Counsellors join the NPF team

Jun 30, 2017

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Psychological support – Newly diagnosed? Living with NET? Living with chronic symptoms (fatigue, diarrhoea, feeling low)? Uncertainty? Feeling alone, isolated, low, misunderstood? . . .NET isn’t just a physical diagnosis – and can have emotional and social consequences. 

We are here to help – some of you have found the Natter groups useful in receiving/giving support – some  find our Facebook pages help . . . and/or talking to us by phone or email. 

Some of you have spoken with a counsellor or therapist and said that talking with someone who allows you to talk – “who listens (without judgement or immediate solutions / comparisons)”,“who has helped sort through the busy thoughts”,“helped me to find a way, that works for me, to help deal with living NETs” – has been invaluable.

We are therefore delighted to welcome Kym and Steve – to the NET Patient Foundation Team. 

Both are trained and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, with over 20 years experience of working with a wide variety of difficulties and in a number of settings including the NHS, charitable sector and higher education. If you would like to be put in touch with Kym or Steve, please contact either myself or Lindsey – all requests will be dealt in the strictest confidence.

Nikie and Lindsey : – giving your name and contact number, alternatively call us on 0800 434 6476