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Covid Jabs Update

Nov 26, 2021

NHS England : Third COVID Jabs Available To Book Online For People Who Are Severely Immunosuppressed

People who are severely immunosuppressed can book their third COVID jab online from today, as the NHS England national booking system opens up to more people.

In line with JCVI guidance, those who are classed as severely immunosuppressed as a result of treatment, for conditions such as cancer or for those with long-term chronic conditions where their immunity is affected by medication, are eligible for a third dose eight weeks after their second dose.

From today, adults who are eligible for a third dose of the Covid vaccine and have received a clinical referral letter from their doctor can go online and book an appointment, as the NHSE COVID-19 vaccination programme continues to protect those most at risk from the virus.

The NHSE COVID-19 vaccination booking service will offer an option to ‘book my 3rd dose appointment’ for adults who had a weakened immune system at the time they had a second dose.

Professor Stephen Powis, NHSE national medical director, said: 

“NHS staff continue to deliver first, second and third doses, to those who are eligible, alongside administering around 14 million boosters in just over nine weeks.

Decisions on when to get a third dose remains between a patient and their clinician who knows about their ongoing treatment – more than three quarters of people who are severely immunosuppressed have had their third dose so far, and from today people can also book in online with a letter from their GP or clinician.”

N.B. For HCPs : Severe immunosuppression at the time of vaccination is defined using the guidance and timings stated in the Green Book.

NHSE has already taken steps to improve access for those who are severely immunosuppressed, such as writing to trusts and GPs asking them to identify and contact people in this group; writing to around 400,000 eligible patients encouraging them to speak to their clinician if they had not already done so; and writing to cancer leads to support patient identification and the provision of a clinical authorisation letter.

“It’s incredibly important that people get the full recommended course of Covid vaccines, especially those most at risk from the virus – boosters and third doses are not a nice to have, they are the best way to protect you and your loved ones this winter.”

In line with JCVI guidance, the third dose for those with severe immunosuppression should usually be given at least eight weeks after the second dose.

Those with a clinical referral letter from their doctor can also use the NHSE online Covid vaccine walk-in finder and attend their local vaccination centre for their third dose.

NHS Wales / GIG Cymru : Third vaccine dose for immunosuppressed people

Adults and children aged 12 and over with a severely weakened immune system will now be offered a third COVID-19 vaccine dose. The NHS will contact you directly to arrange an appointment at a time that is suitable in your treatment.

Further information from Public Health Wales/Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymrus is available here

NHS Scotland / NHS Inform : Coronavirus (COVID-19) third primary dose vaccination

A third primary dose of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is being offered for people with a severely weakened immune system. This third primary dose is an extra ‘top-up’ dose to help increase the level of protection for people who may not have generated a full immune response to the first two doses and might be less protected than the wider population.

A third primary dose is different from a booster dose. A booster dose is an additional dose to extend the duration of protection from previous doses.

Further information is available here

NHS Northern Ireland / HSCNI : COVID-19 advice and guidance for Northern Ireland

For 3rd primary COVID-19 (not a booster) vaccinations you must be one of the following:

  • you are over 12 years old 
  • and have received a letter from your GP/Trust clinician specifically stating that you require a 3rd primary dose of a COVID-19 vaccine

Further information available here