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Episode 2 of the ‘Not Just NE Cancer Takeover Series’ Explores RareCan’s Innovative Research Platform

Jul 11, 2023

We are excited to announce that Episode 2 of the “Not Just NE Cancer Takeover Series” is now live! In this captivating episode, our Campaigns Lead, Lisa engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Andy Hall, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer of RareCan, a groundbreaking digital health company revolutionising rare cancer research. 

Neuroendocrine cancers are rare and complex, making research efforts challenging. However, RareCan has emerged as a game-changer, providing a research platform where individuals can voluntarily share information about their cancer. By leveraging this and building patient cohorts, RareCan can facilitate the crucial connection between patients and researchers. 

Established in 2020, RareCan offers a suite of member-designed tools that assist individuals in managing their lives while living with rare cancers. This user-friendly platform supports patients and enables researchers to identify individuals diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer efficiently. With a simple keystroke, researchers gain access to a cohort of patients, accelerating the research process and potentially unlocking new insights into neuroendocrine cancers. 

During this enlightening episode, Lisa and Andy delve into the unique challenges faced within the realm of rare cancer research. They shed light on the innovative approaches undertaken by RareCan, emphasising how the platform strives to overcome these challenges.   

RareCan’s collaborative model bridges the gap between patients, researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry, enabling research to take place faster. By creating a space where patients can contribute their experiences, challenges, and triumphs, RareCan also supports individual patients and enables researchers to understand neuroendocrine cancers’ intricacies more comprehensively. 

Join Lisa and Andy in this engaging discussion as they explore the solutions provided by RareCan. Discover how the RareCan research platform not only streamlines the research process but also empowers individuals within the neuroendocrine cancer community, offering them the opportunity to make a tangible impact on research outcomes. 

The “Not Just NE Cancer Takeover Series” aims to shed light on the latest advancements in neuroendocrine cancer research while inspiring hope and fostering a sense of unity within the community. The series strives to keep you informed and engaged in the fight against neuroendocrine cancers through informative discussions with leading experts, patients, and advocates. 

Don’t miss Episode 2 of the series, now available on our website. Together, let’s advance neuroendocrine cancer research and make a difference in the lives of those affected by this complex disease. 

Listen to Episode 2 Now – click here! You can also listen on major podcast platforms. 

Note: The information provided in this webpost is based on the discussion between Lisa, Campaigns Lead at Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, and Andy Hall, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer of RareCan. Neuroendocrine Cancer UK and RareCan are independent entities working together to advance research and support individuals living with neuroendocrine cancer. Read more about the partnership here.