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Kicking Cancer’s Butt – With Indomitable Spirit Award

Dec 12, 2022

Congratulations to one of our ‘Natter‘ patient support group members, Leanne Armstrong, as she has just been presented with the Taekwondo ‘Indomitable Spirit’ Award.

The past three years have been tough for Geordie Leanne, with 4 cycles of PRRT (Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy) during lockdown, countless Lanreotide injections and culminating in liver surgery in June 2022 when she had the right side of her liver – known as segment 4 – removed, together with her gallbladder and a couple of small metastases which were also ablated.

This was a surgery Leanne and her team at the Freeman Hospital Newcastle, didn’t think was possible before PRRT. You can read Leanne’s story about this here 

As Leanne commented: “After my liver surgery, I didn’t think I’d even be back on my feet never mind be back at training this year!

“It was such a surprise and a huge honour to receive this award. It made me feel humbled but also so proud. It just goes to show that with the help and support of my amazing family and friends, and my medical team what can be achieved. I hope perhaps that this lets other patients know there is hope after operations and you can actually live with cancer.”

Leanne is pictured centre, with her Taekwondo instructors, Sharon Pounder and Harry Wake.