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Natasha’s Neuroendocrine Cancer Story

Sep 10, 2019

I was diagnosed in 2014 with a primary pancreatic NET that had spread to my liver. Following this diagnosis I had Whipples procedure and liver resection at Kings College hospital in February 2015, I was 41 years old. 
I was single at the time and living with my beautiful giant house rabbit, Hamish. It was a tough time but I have a close family and some wonderful friends who helped me through a difficult recovery following my surgery. I especially have my parents to thank as I moved in with them for almost 3 months after being discharged from hospital and they took great care of me.
I was able to return to work and am still working now, although I do struggle with fatigue at times.
I met Matt, the lovely man who was to become my husband, at work. I didn’t think I would find someone willing to share their life with me once I had my cancer diagnosis but Matt has been so supportive and caring. After dating for 2 years he proposed to me, it was a complete surprise and he has made me happier than I ever thought possible.
Instead of my cancer feeling like the end of my life it became the incredible new beginning.
Matt and I married on 17th August. It was a perfect day and my lovely specialist nurse Barbara King was a witness. She has been with me on my journey since my referral to the wonderful team at Basingstoke hospital and she has made that journey so much easier with her warmth and compassion. 
I still have regular scans, monthly injections and take lots of tablets but generally feel well. I have had 2 ablations and 1 embolisation to treat areas of my liver and am having a third ablation on 17th September.  Despite all this I couldn’t be happier and I hope my story will help fellow NET patients and their families have a more positive attitude towards their condition and their treatment. Life is still amazing!
I must thank the lovely guests at our wedding for their donations to the NET Patient Foundation charity box, we raised over £200 on our wedding day.