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Neuroendocrine Cancer UK CEO Highlights the Importance of Industry Partnerships for Patient Organisations

Apr 20, 2023

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK’s CEO & Co-Founder, Catherine Bouvier, recently shared her most significant takeaway from Makara Health’s Good Patient Partnership Guide. In her own words, “For any patient organisation, building more awareness of what we do in the healthcare field is a huge target.” She also highlighted the importance of tapping into the industry’s vast networks and connections, which can make a significant difference for patient organisations without costing a penny.
This is an important message, particularly for patient organisations seeking to enhance their visibility and broaden their reach. Makara Health’s Good Patient Partnership Guide provides actionable insights and practical strategies that patient organisations can use to improve their collaboration with the healthcare industry. With the right approach and partnerships, patient organisations can tap into industry connections to raise awareness, increase funding, and improve the quality of care for patients.
Overall, the feedback from Catherine Bouvier reinforces the significance of collaborative partnerships between patient organisations and industry stakeholders. At a time when healthcare systems are under enormous pressure, it is essential to foster relationships that drive innovation and improve patient outcomes. Makara Health’s Good Patient Partnership Guide is a valuable resource that can help patient organisations achieve this goal.