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Neuroendocrine Cancer UK Launches Bridging the Gap Campaign

Jul 26, 2021

NCUK Launches their Bridging the Gap Campaign, the second of our three ‘Gap’ Campaigns.
What is the BRIDGING the Gap campaign?
We are working towards and obtaining a dedicated Neuroendocrine care pathway to provide equitable, holistic, joined up care for all Neuroendocrine cancer patients, so wherever they are in the UK, they do not fall through any gaps along the way – from diagnosis, through treatment to lifelong care and support.
This is a wide-reaching but tightly focused campaign advocating inclusion in national cancer plans and implementation: promoting increased awareness, providing relevant information and educational opportunities to commissioners, policy makers and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs): to facilitate faster detection, earlier diagnosis and referral to the right care, at the right time, in the right place.
BRIDGING the Gap is about change : changing attitudes towards and assumptions made about Neuroendocrine cancer, challenging delays, misdiagnoses, and restricted access to care and support to ensure all affected by this group of rare cancers have a clear, effective and holistic diagnostic/treatment pathway.
Our five Major activities for this year are:
  1. – Development and decimation of our early symptoms awareness card
  2. – Development of the Neuroendocrine Cancer Nurse Competencies for the UK
  3. – Development of the NCUK Training Academy providing an educational website for nurses and allied HCPs including patient testimonials and nurse presentations on treatments, symptoms, side effects, follow up and specific patient needs
  4. – Development of 2 training modules for GP’s to be placed on the RCGP England, RCGPNI, RCGP Scotland and RCGP Cymru Wales, to target the issues around late, misdiagnosis and symptom management. Commissioned and being launched early 2022
  5. – Development of the first national Neuroendocrine care pathway with a wide and inclusive stakeholder group.