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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

The Big Cancer52 Conversation

Jul 17, 2023

The Big Cancer52 Conversation on Wednesday 14th June brought together leaders from the charity, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, to share best practices, exchange ideas and explore collaborations, with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for people with rare and less common cancers.

The day was structured around three ‘big conversations’; sessions geared towards finding solutions to challenges faced by people affected by rare and less common cancers.

Critical to the day were the networking sessions, to connect with peers and potential partners.

As a member of Cancer52, Nikie (our Support Services Lead) from Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, attended: “a chance to both contribute and learn”.

You can find out more about the day by watching Cancer52 video here: the eagle eyed amongst you may spot Nikie, asking questions, taking notes but also jotting down suggestions to add to the ‘working’ boards!

“Throughout the day, we shared experiences – inequities and possibilities, but also asked questions of industry, policy makers and innovators.

  I was incredibly proud to see our own Ideal Pathway highlighted, by David Fitzgerald, as an exemplar of ‘what good looks like’ – not once, but twice!


David Fitzgerald

Director of Policy and Strategy, NHS Cancer Programme, NHS England

David became the Director of Policy and Strategy for the NHS Cancer Programme in January 2018. He joined NHS England after four years in the Cabinet Office Implementation Unit, where he led the social policy team which advised the Prime Minister on the delivery of the top priorities in areas including health, education, skills, housing and welfare.

From 2008 to 2013, David worked at the Department for Education, prior to which, he spent 12 years at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Nikie also took the opportunity this event provided, to speak directly with David – and Richard Torbett – about our community and available  treatments – including somatostatin analogues: delivery, supply and products.

Dr Richard Torbett

Chief Executive, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)

Dr Richard Torbett joined the ABPI in 2015 and previously held the role of Executive Director of Economic, Health and Commercial Policy. Prior to this he was Chief Economist at EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) and also spent six years at Pfizer. Richard has also worked as a government economist, holding posts at DTI, Cabinet Office and the European Commission. He regularly participates in public policy debate on the future of healthcare, innovation and the role of pharmaceuticals. Richard has been involved in policy negotiations on behalf of Government and the pharmaceutical industry. He has also contributed to academic work on public finances and the relationship between health and economic growth.

100% of surveyed attendees, including Nikie, confirmed that the event provided them with an opportunity to make or improve connections across the wider rare & less common cancer community:

“& the chance to speak directly with people we might otherwise not get the chance to!”

Following the event, we have also reached out to the event’s 3rd speaker Tony Colville about collaborative possibilities:

Tony Colville

Managing Director, The Cancer Awareness Trust

Tony is the Managing Director of The Cancer Awareness Trust, a digital platform under development to transform cancer-care navigation around the world. The Cancer Awareness Trust is a collaborator of Cancer52 and many of itsmembers

The Cancer Awareness Trust  aims to harness the digital age to improve cancer navigation for rare and less common cancers and reduce misinformation: signposting to ‘what good looks like’.

We, at Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, will continue to participate and contribute to post-event next steps . . . we’ll continue to advocate and share best practices, exchange ideas, explore and build collaborations.

We are very grateful to those we already work with . . .including Cancer52 and fellow members.

Our shared goal is to improve the lives of people with rare and less common cancers:

At Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, our Neuroendocrine Cancer community is the very heart … … the very reason for everything we do.