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Welcome to our dedicated webpage focusing on lung neuroendocrine cancer. Here, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this complex disease.

Delve into our comprehensive guide, for information about different types of lung neuroendocrine neoplasms, insights into symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatment, and grading. Follow-up, and factors contributing to the development of lung neuroendocrine cancer.

Additionally, explore our selection of expert videos and patient stories, offering unique perspectives and support.


Dive into a wealth of knowledge with our video collection from lung neuroendocrine cancer care experts.

Select play to watch Dr. Thomas Westwood’s 2022 talk to the National Lung Natter Support Group on “Radiology and Lung Neuroendocrine Tumours“.

Select play to watch Professor Was Mansoor’s 2021 talk to the National Lung Natter Support Group on “Things you need to know about Lung Neuroendocrine tumours”.

Select play to watch a talk by Professor Was Mansoor about lung neuroendocrine cancer symptoms and how they present.

Stories and experiences

Patient perspective: Twenty years living with lung neuroendocrine cancer

Kate Quirk shares her story of living with lung neuroendocrine cancer and how she is using her experience to help others.

My whole life changed in 2003, with a diagnosis of what was called back then, a Typical Lung Carcinoid.

Select here to read Kate’s story.

Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer: Donna's Journey of Strength and Hope

I was diagnosed April 2019 after feeling really unwell for some time and initially being treated for iron deficiency anaemia. I finally got my diagnosis after scans, MRIs etc. and was in total shock.

My Experiences With CAPTEM Chemotherapy and 10 Tips

I was diagnosed with Lung Neuroendocrine cancer in February 2021. This was my second cancer diagnosis in less than five years. It all started with an incidental finding after a surveillance MRI scan in October 2020 following my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2016.

Journey through Diagnosis and Reassurance: Overcoming Challenges with Neuroendocrine Cancer

I was 64 when in February 2020 I was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumour in my left lung. I’d had pneumonia for three months the previous year which began in April 2019, and on one visit to A&E was told I had lung cancer – only to be told three months later that I didn’t have cancer and a few months after that I was discharged from the outpatient clinic.

Unexpected Strength: Embracing Life and Overcoming Neuroendocrine Cancer

November 2019 I was offered a lung screening as part of a so called SUMMIT study at UCL hospital in London. I used to be a smoker and I thought “why not?”. I was feeling very well and very fit. I was certain that all was ok. The day after the CT scan I received a phone call informing me that they had found something in my left lung.

Further support

For those seeking support, we offer resources such as support groups and online groups that provide a platform for patients and their families to connect, share experiences, and find comfort in a strong network.

Additionally, we encourage individuals to consider participating in clinical trials or research studies, as this contributes to the advancement of NEN understanding and treatment and empowers patients to engage in their healthcare pathway actively.

Thank you for choosing us as your resource for lung neuroendocrine cancer information. We are dedicated to providing accurate, insightful, and supportive content as you navigate this pathway. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Natter Support Groups

Our ‘Natter’ Support Groups consist of community-based local, regional, and/or national online gatherings that provide a chance for you, along with your family, friends, and supporters, to connect with others affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

NCUK Lung / DIPNECH Support Group

This group operates in conjunction with our Lung Natter Group and welcomes all family and friends of individuals diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer of the Lung and/or DIPNECH.

Lovable Lungoids Facebook Group

This patient-driven group provides resources, information, and support to lung neuroendocrine cancer patients and their supporters.

Download our Lung Handbook

Your personal guide to living with lung neuroendocrine cancer. We aim to provide you with straightforward and valuable information to support you.

Download our Lung Factsheet

Our neuroendocrine cancer type specific factsheets focus on diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

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