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Skydive for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK

Experience an adrenaline rush by jumping out of an aeroplane to raise money for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK.

Have you ever wanted to experience the adrenaline rush that comes from jumping out of an aeroplane? Well, now you can experience this and raise money for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK at the same time!

We’ve teamed up with Skyline Events so that you can experience the thrill of a skydive whilst raising money for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK.

With Skyline centres all over the UK, you can skydive at an airfield near you on the date of your choice. All jumps take place with BPA (British Parachute Association) instructors.

To skydive for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK through Skyline Events you will need to select the self-funding option which means you cover the cost of the skydive yourself and then all your sponsorship comes directly to us. There is no minimum sponsorship target for self-funding skydivers.

If you’re ready for the challenge then visit the Skyline Events website below for more information.

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Browse the airfields and dates available for your jump.

Register your skydive direct with the Skyline.

Complete our fundraising form to receive our free merchandise.

Please note that Neuroendocrine Cancer UK will not be able to cover any registration fees. When registering for a challenge, you agree to be bound by the rules, terms and conditions of the event in which you are participating.

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