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Welcome to the Neuroendocrine Cancer UK Research Information Hub. Here you will find a library of curated videos and podcasts, where leading experts share invaluable insights on neuroendocrine cancer.

Discover enlightening videos featuring renowned researchers, clinicians, and resilient patients as they discuss advancements in detection, treatment, and patient care. Engage with thought-provoking podcasts that delve deep into the latest discoveries and emerging therapies.

What is research?

Medical research is vitally important as a way of investigating and exploring a disease area to learn more about that disease. It can lead to discoveries around causes and cures of disease as well as improvements with regard to new ways of making people feel better and new treatment options.

As part of the Neuroendocrine Cancer UK Virtual Summit 2020, NCUK Cancer Support Co-ordinator, Kate Quirk talks about understanding research & reports back from the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance, INCA. Select play to watch.


Please listen to our podcast series which explores the topic of research to understand more about it, the different types of research, and how it works.

Episode 2 Andy Hall, Chief Scientific Officer RareCan, discusses what basic scientific research is and how it can impact practice as well as the RareCan research platform.

Episode 3 Danielle Ralic, CEO of Ancora, an organisation which connects cancer patients with trials discusses how and why people should find relevant clinical trials for their neuroendocrine cancer.

Episode 4 Join Lisa as she interviews Andy Hall, Chief Scientific Officer at RareCan, in a captivating episode that delves into the world of basic research and its profound impact on clinical practice for individuals with rare forms of cancer.

Episode 5 Join Professor John Ramage in our latest podcast, as he explores quality-of-life research, patient involvement, and the challenges of measuring well-being in neuroendocrine cancer patients.

Episode 6 Dr Rohini Sharma, a consultant oncologist, discusses what oncology research is and what this could be like for patients.

Episode 7 Join us as we dive into neuroendocrine cancer epidemiology with Professor John Ramage, unravelling its significance in understanding this disease.

Episode 8 In this episode of the ‘Not Just One Cancer Takeover Series,’ we had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Ben White, a gastroenterologist and hepatologist from the Royal Free Hospital, London. Dr. White’s expertise centers on neuroendocrine cancer epidemiology.

Episode 9: Dive into the world of surgical research and its pivotal role in advancing neuroendocrine cancer knowledge. Join us for a fascinating conversation with Mr. Samuel Ford, a leading consultant surgeon and the Research Committee Chair of UKINETS. Discover how research transforms the patient experience and the future of NET treatment.

Episode 10: In this episode Professor Thirlwell emphasises the pivotal role of research in enhancing our understanding of medical science and shaping comprehensive patient care across various medical disciplines. The discussion unfolds to reveal the intriguing collaborations she engages in and the groundbreaking discoveries emerging from these partnerships.

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