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Get Involved with Neuroendocrine Cancer UK!

Join us in making a difference by getting involved with our various initiatives. Whether you’re passionate about raising awareness, providing support, or fundraising for our cause, there are numerous opportunities for you to contribute. Become a Natter support group coordinator, serve as a Neuroendocrine Cancer UK Ambassador, represent our charity at events and conferences, participate in our awareness campaigns, share your thoughts through surveys, or fundraise to support our vital work. Your enthusiasm and dedication can help us in our mission to support those affected by neuroendocrine cancer and raise awareness about this condition.

Become a Natter Support Group Coordinator

Becoming a Natter Coordinator is a fantastic way to support the community, and we are always looking for people to set up new local support groups and facilitate online groups.

As patients co-founded Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, we feel it is essential to work with patients on various projects maintaining the patient-centric ethos that underpins everything we do.

Volunteer at Events
We often attend conferences, fundraisers, and awareness events. Being a small team, we are always looking for enthusiastic people to help with our work and represent our organisation.

Share your story
Whether you’re interested in becoming a blogger, sharing your patient story, becoming a podcast guest, or featuring in one of our videos, there are numerous ways to contribute. Your unique perspective and experiences can inspire and educate others while raising awareness about neuroendocrine cancer.

Surveys and Studies
By completing our surveys, sharing your story, or participating in research studies, you’ll help us gather valuable insights and knowledge in fields such as research. Your input is crucial in advancing our understanding of neuroendocrine cancer and improving outcomes for patients. 

Set yourself a challenge, go on an adventure or just something silly and raise vital funds for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK.

Get Involved in Research

Who can participate in research?

Everyone can make a difference, regardless of their circumstances. Research involves people of all ages and backgrounds, contributing to advancements in health and care for all.

Types of research you can participate in:

There are various types of research opportunities. For instance, some studies test new treatments or require samples, while others may involve interviews or surveys.

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Surveys and Studies
Surveys and studies are essential components of research, offering opportunities for individuals to contribute valuable insights and data to improve healthcare outcomes.

Advancing Neuroendocrine Cancer Research Campaign
Learn more about how you can get involved in our ‘Advancing Research’ campaign.

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials provide crucial opportunities for patients to access innovative treatments and contribute to advancing medical knowledge in neuroendocrine cancer research.

Biobanking aims to enhance the understanding, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various illnesses, including rare conditions such as neuroendocrine cancer. It involves collecting and storing surplus tissue (e.g., from surgeries or biopsies) or blood samples, which can be used for ongoing or future research endeavours.

Organ and Body Donation
We are occasionally asked whether it is still possible to donate your body to science – and yes you can.

The same organisation that regulates body donation also regulates and supplies advice and information on organ and tissue donation.

Non-Clinical Research
Every year in the UK, the National Cancer Experience Survey collects information about the care and treatment experiences of cancer patients. Its purpose is to monitor standards, improve services, and enhance outcomes for those diagnosed and undergoing treatment.

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