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Neuroendocrine Cancer

Each year in the UK, approximately 6,000 individuals receive a diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancer. This type of cancer can affect people of any age or gender and may develop in various parts of the body. But what exactly is neuroendocrine cancer?

In this section, you’ll discover comprehensive information, resources, and support for individuals and families impacted by this disease. From understanding symptoms to undergoing tests, exploring treatment options, receiving a diagnosis, and beyond, we aim to provide valuable guidance every step of the way.

What You’ll Find Here

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Understanding Neuroendocrine Cancer
Explore an in-depth understanding of neuroendocrine cancer, including its causes, types, and how it affects the body.

Learn about various hormones, their functions, and potential symptoms or syndromes associated with their imbalance or abnormal secretion.

Learn about the common signs and symptoms of neuroendocrine cancer, helping you recognise potential indicators and seek timely medical attention.

Tests and Getting Results
Understand the diagnostic process for neuroendocrine cancer, including the various tests used to detect and diagnose the condition, as well as what to expect when receiving test results.

Just Diagnosed
Find guidance and support if you’ve recently received a diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancer, including information on the next steps, treatment options, and coping strategies.

Neuroendocrine Cancer Site
Explore detailed information about specific types of neuroendocrine cancer, including their characteristics, treatment approaches, and prognosis.

Discover the wide range of treatment options available for neuroendocrine cancer, from surgery and chemotherapy to targeted therapies and clinical trials.

Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer
Access resources and support for managing life with neuroendocrine cancer, including tips for coping with treatment side effects, maintaining the quality of life, and accessing support services.

End of Life
Find information and support for individuals and families facing end-of-life care decisions, including palliative care options, advance care planning, and bereavement support.

Explore our range of information resources, including informative factsheets, guides, and handy wallet cards, designed for those affected by neuroendocrine cancer.

We’re here for you

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for personalised support, guidance, or information tailored to your unique needs, or explore our comprehensive range of services designed to assist you every step of the way on your neuroendocrine cancer pathway.

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