Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Host a ‘Cakes for a Cause’ event with your friends and family and help us raise awareness and support those affected by neuroendocrine cancer.

About Cakes for a Cause

We’re inviting our community to share a cake with friends and family while raising awareness and funds for neuroendocrine cancer support services.

We’ve made supporting this initiative easy by providing all the materials you’ll need in our ‘Cakes for a Cause’ pack, including disease information, cake decorations, and recipe suggestions. We hope it’ll be both fun and delicious!

Whether you host a small gathering with loved ones, encourage colleagues to bring in cakes at work, or engage your local bakery to donate a portion of their sales, your support will make a difference for those affected by neuroendocrine cancer.

‘Cakes for a Cause’ events will take place throughout June 2024, so choose any date that works for you.

Where does your money go

The money you raise with the cakes you bake will support Neuroendocrine Cancer UK’s vital support work. It helps us fund our amazing helpline team answer calls on our support line, counselling sessions, provide financial support through our travel grant scheme, and more.

How does it work

Sign up
Register online, select a date to host your Cake for a Cause event, and invite your guests. Then, get baking!

Host your event
Utilise your kit and downloadable resources, which include information about neuroendocrine cancer, recipe ideas, and decorations. During the event, discuss what neuroendocrine cancer is and kindly request your guests consider donating to support Neuroendocrine Cancer UK.

Pay in
After your event, pay your funds to our Cakes for a Cause Page and help Neuroendocrine Cancer UK support people with neuroendocrine cancer.

Your free Cakes for a Cause Template Pack

Get your free Cakes for a Cause Template Pack!
In our commitment to the environment and cost-effectiveness, we’re providing templates instead of sending out physical stock. Once you register, we’ll send you this digital pack, complete with cake flags, buntings, and recipes. Instructions are included for ease of use.

Raising £10
Could help provide informational materials about neuroendocrine cancer to newly diagnosed patients, offering them guidance and support during a difficult time.

Raising £50
Could contribute to funding support groups where individuals affected by neuroendocrine cancer can connect with others facing similar challenges, providing a sense of community and understanding.

Raising £100
Could contribute to funding counselling services for individuals and families affected by neuroendocrine cancer, offering them emotional support, coping strategies, and a safe space to express their feelings and concerns.

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