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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

How we can support you

At Neuroendocrine Cancer UK we’re here to help from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

If you, or someone close to you, has been diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, you might be finding it’s harder than ever to get the vital support you need right now. Being diagnosed with a rare or uncommon cancer can have additional consequences, not least in terms of awareness, early diagnosis, and access to expertise. Feelings of isolation, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety are not uncommon. But during this time of increased uncertainty and isolation, we’re here for you, whatever your question.

There are a range of ways we can help you from clear, easy-to-understand information to emotional support when you need to talk.

Support for You

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Our helpline provides free and confidential support and information for individuals affected by neuroendocrine cancer.

Natter Support Groups

Our online and face-to-face support groups offer a welcoming space for individuals affected by neuroendocrine cancer to connect and share experiences.


Access confidential and supportive counselling services tailored to the needs of patients and caregivers, offering emotional guidance throughout the neuroendocrine cancer pathway.

Educational Resources

Explore a wealth of patient-centered information and resources, equipping both patients and caregivers with valuable knowledge and support to navigate neuroendocrine cancer challenges with confidence.

Online Community

Our private Facebook groups have been established to provide a safe place for those affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer to chat, talk, and help each other by sharing experiences and knowledge, to give and receive advice, support and friendship.

Conferences and Events

Our free-to-attend events cover aspects of cancer diagnosis, treatments, research, and care. Experts deliver events through panel discussions and clinical lectures. As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to network with others in a similar situation and meet the presenters.

Financial Assistance

Explore available avenues for financial assistance, providing support and guidance to alleviate financial burdens associated with neuroendocrine cancer treatment and care.

Personal Stories, Experiences and Blogs

Explore personal stories, shared experiences, and insightful blogs, offering a glimpse into the lives of those affected by neuroendocrine cancer, providing comfort, understanding, and a sense of community.

News and Updates

Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest news, updates, and developments in the field of neuroendocrine cancer.


Dive into our collection of insightful podcasts, offering a blend of expert advice, personal stories, and the latest updates in the field of neuroendocrine cancer, providing a source of inspiration and empowerment for patients and caregivers alike.


Discover our collection of informative videos on YouTube, covering various aspects of neuroendocrine cancer, treatment, and patient experiences.

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