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Discover how we can help ease the burden of travel costs to hospital appointments and provide guidance on navigating the benefits system effectively.

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Applying for Benefits

The benefits system can feel like a maze, making it challenging to determine what support you may be eligible for, especially with regulations that change frequently. Up-to-date information on benefits can be found here. We strongly recommend consulting with an expert before applying.

At Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, while we do not have a dedicated benefits advisor, we are here to assist you with enquiries or claims procedures. We collaborate with other agencies and organisations to ensure you receive the most accurate and current information.

Local council staff and benefits advisors at charities like Citizens Advice, Maggie’s Centres, and Macmillan can guide you through the process and provide updates on available benefits, including PIP and Tax Credits.

If you require assistance in providing Neuroendocrine Cancer-related information to support your claim or appeal, please contact us at 0800 434 6476.

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK’s Compassionate Travel Grant

Our welfare grant is a small grant that we would like as many people to be able to access as possible. Please note that we can now only offer a maximum of £100.00 – as a one-off payment. A member of the health team must complete this.

Additional Financial Help

Charities across the UK can offer one-off grants to help people cope with the costs of cancer, and schemes such as the NHS Low Income Scheme might enable you to claim back travel expenses if you are on a low income.

Some hospitals also offer reduced parking charges for people with cancer, and schemes exist to help you buy or hire cars, scooters or powered wheelchairs if you are eligible for certain benefits.

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