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The financial costs of cancer can quickly mount up, adding to concerns about living with Neuroendocrine Cancer. Determining whether you are entitled to financial assistance such as benefits, grants, and other monies can ease the strain.

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Applying for benefits

The benefits system can feel like a maze, making it difficult to know what sort of help you may be eligible for, especially as benefits regulations change fairly often. Up-to-date information on benefits can be found here. However, we strongly recommend that you speak to an expert before applying.
We do not have a benefits advisor at Neuroendocrine Cancer UK. However, we can help support you through any enquiries or claims procedures and work with other agencies and organisations to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information you need.
Staff at your local council and benefits advisors at charities, including Citizens Advice, Maggie’s Centres and Macmillan, can help to guide you through the process and give you up-to-date information on what is available, including PIP and Tax credits.
If you need assistance in providing Neuroendocrine Cancer information to help support your claim (or appeal, where required) – we can help: 0800 434 6476

Benefits Advice

Visit our YouTube channel.

As part of the Neuroendocrine Cancer UK Virtual Summit 2021, Benefits Advisor, Chloe from Maggies, Cardiff talk to us about benefits and what benefits may be suitable for those living with Neuroendocrine Cancer and their family members. Select play to watch.

Additional financial help

Charities across the UK can offer one-off grants to help people cope with the costs of cancer, and schemes such as the NHS Low Income Scheme might enable you to claim back travel expenses if you are on a low income.
Some hospitals also offer reduced parking charges for people with cancer, and schemes exist to help you buy or hire cars, scooters or powered wheelchairs if you are eligible for certain benefits.

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