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Welcome to Neuroendocrine Cancer UK’s Fundraising Page!

At Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, we’re dedicated to providing vital support, raising awareness, and funding research to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by neuroendocrine cancer. Through fundraising, we have the opportunity to create positive change and support innovative initiatives that drive progress in research, patient care, and community support. 

Cakes for a Cause

Are you ready to make a difference one slice at a time? Get involved in our Cakes for a Cause fundraiser and help support those affected by neuroendocrine cancer. 

  • Host your own cake gathering
  • Gather friends, family, and colleagues 
  • Share your bakes on social media with #NCCakesForACause

Together, we can turn the power of cake into hope and support for those in need. Join us today and let’s bake a difference!

Get Active

Join us in getting active and making a difference by participating in fundraising events such as charity walks. runs, cycling challenges and more!

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Take on the ultimate challenge with our running events! Whether you secure a charity place in national races or embark on a personal running challenge, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Gear up for our cycling events! Whether you’re racing in national competitions or embarking on a personal challenge, we’ve got charity spots available and are here to support your cycling goals.

Walking and Hiking
Embark on walking challenges or climb for neuroendocrine with our hiking events! We’re here to support your challenges, whether it’s walking 10,000 steps a day, conquering the Three Peaks or venturing further afield to climb Kilimanjaro.

Take the leap with us and experience the thrill of skydiving! Partnered with Skyline, we offer exhilarating skydiving opportunities where you can raise funds for neuroendocrine cancer while enjoying an unforgettable adventure in the skies.

Do Your Own Thing

Find an event… or organise your own

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Order your fundraising merchandise

Show your support and spread awareness by ordering our fabulous fundraising merchandise. From stylish apparel to eye-catching accessories, gear up and wear your passion on your sleeve, all while contributing to our cause.

Ways to pay in your fundraising

We’ve got you covered with a seamless and convenient array of payment options, ensuring that your fundraising journey is hassle-free and effortless from start to finish.

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