Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Corporate support

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK is pleased to work with companies and businesses large or small and appreciates their support. We offer our corporate partners a unique opportunity to align with a small but national charity which is well established and respected in the community and has a primary focus on improving outcomes for people affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Your support not only helps patients and families with very complex health and social needs, but can also strengthen corporate image, demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, build staff morale and promote customer and client relationships.

Benefits of Working with Neuroendocrine Cancer UK Include:

  • Great potential for positive brand exposure
  • Help with your profile and recognition
  • Increased staff cohesion
  • Team building opportunities
  • A greater sense of accomplishment through working together to reach a fundraising target
  • A free will service through
  • Our continuous involvement and commitment
  • The knowledge that you are supported by a rare and less common cancer community who deserve equality across the cancer spectrum

Thank you.

How Your Company Can Get Involved?

There are many ways that your company can get involved with Neuroendocrine Cancer UK and we will work with you every step of the way.

Charity of the year

Choosing Neuroendocrine Cancer UK as your Charity of the Year is a fantastic way to get your company involved. It will allow your staff to focus their fundraising activities over the year and work towards a shared goal.

You will be provided with a dedicated partnership manager, and we will work with you throughout the year and support you with all your events and activities.

Employer fundraising

Simply encouraging staff to fundraise for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK is a hugely effective way to raise funds and awareness for the charity.

You could hold a bake sale in the office or a dress-down day, both simple to plan and fun to participate in. We can send you materials to support these events; please get in touch to let us know what you are planning.


We have several opportunities available, from sponsoring one of our events, such as a Natter Group meeting or a patient education event, to one of our publications or fundraising activities. We will work with you to tailor a package that meets your needs and ensure that your support is promoted across all of our available channels.

Gifts in-kind

Gifts-in-kind make a massive difference to a charity of our size. Whether you provide an auction prize or office equipment and share your expertise, this is a brilliant way to support our work.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a simple and tax-effective scheme that allows you to donate to the charity of your choice by a direct deduction from your salary.

The charity will receive your donation, and the government will add on the tax you would have paid on this amount.

Commercial partnerships

A commercial partnership between Neuroendocrine Cancer UK and your company links your brand or product with a national charity and is a great way to raise your profile, drive sales and raise vital funds for our work.

Past Sponsorship

Our project work is costly, whether producing educational materials or awareness campaigns. We apply for grant funding from pharmaceutical companies, trust and grant foundations, and other community organisations to support this work. We were delighted to receive support from:

2018 Support

  • AAA
  • The James Tudor Foundation
  • Victory NETs

2019 Support

  • Ipsen UK Ltd
  • Victory NETs
  • ITM
  • AAA

2020 Support

  • Ipsen
  • Novartis
  • AAA
  • National Lottery Community Fund

2021 Support

  • Enterprise Rent-a-car
  • LILA International Logistics Ltd

2022 Support

  • LILA International Logistics Ltd

2023 Support

  • Makara Health

Thank you so much for your support.

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