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We make sure our information is accurate and up-to-date by using the latest evidence from research and clinical guidelines. However, our information does not replace the advice of your healthcare team. All of our information is regularly updated. We try to make our information as clear as possible by writing in plain language and explaining medical words.

We use our medical advisory board to check our information for medical accuracy, and patients and supporters to check that our information makes sense and answers all their questions.

Download our leaflets, guides and factsheets, or order our emergency wallet cards.

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When you are first diagnosed support leaflet.

What is (Primary) Neuroendocrine Cancer leaflet.

What is Secondary Neuroendocrine Cancer leaflet.

Factsheets for individual cancer sites, i.e. lung, small bowel, pancreas.

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Understanding Neuroendocrine Cancer

The science behind Neuroendocrine Cancer guide.

Syndromes explained guide.

Neuroendocrine Cancer related complications guide.

Terminology & abbreviations explained guide.

Hormones explained guide.

Highgrade explained guide.

Neuroendocrine Cancer of the Lungs explained guide.

Neuroendocrine Cancer GP Awareness Cards

We have produced this awareness card with the hope that they will have some impact on raising awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer as a diagnosis and encourage referral to a relevant Neuroendocrine Cancer clinic.

How you can help – All you need to do is order one (or more!) and drop off to your local GP practice or Healthcare Providers.

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Tests, Treatments & Research

Getting the right care guide.

Surgery explained guide.

Somatostatin Analogues explained guide.

Endoscopic therapies explained guide.

Chemotherapy and targeted molecular therapies.

Radiation based therapies explained guide.

Interventional radiology explained guide.

Surveillance and supportive care explained guide.

Complementary therapies and alternative medicine guide.

Preparation and consent guide.

Gut surgery, how diet can help guide.

Research and clinical trials guide.

Neuroendocrine Cancer Videos

Welcome to Neuroendocrine Cancer UK’s YouTube Channel.

Here you can watch a variety of videos from Neuroendocrine Cancer patients and the experts involved in your care. Please remember to like and subscribe to our channel!

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Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer – Practical Issues

Work and Neuroendocrine Cancer guide.

Financial advice and insurance guide.

Driving and Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Travelling and Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Sleep guide.

Nutrition and Neuroendocrine Cancer guide.

Support Group Guide

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