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TEMPORARY shortage of Creon® 25,000u capsules in the UK

Sep 19, 2023

Viatris, the marketing authorisation holder for Creon® in the UK, has informed us that they are currently experiencing a temporary supply constraint of Creon® 25000u capsules: therefore supply wholesalers and local pharmacies may be out of stock.

The next confirmed delivery date into the UK is 22nd September, which means that Creon® 25000 will next be available in retail pharmacies from next week (hopefully).

Your pharmacist can contact the Viatris Customer Service team: will need to confirm the names of the wholesaler and depot they use.

Viatris say that they are working to move this delivery date closer if possible and will keep healthcare professionals and pharmacists updated in due course. . .and say that Creon® 10000 and Creon® Micro are in stock and continue to be available.

NOTE: until supply resumes, you may choose:

  1. to request that you are supplied with the 10,000u dose of Creon® and alter how many capsules you take, to maintain your usual dose
  2. to be provided with an alternative – these include Nutrizym22®/ Pancrease®/ Pancrex®

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