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Wills and Legacies

Aug 30, 2023

Why Leave a Legacy?

A legacy is more than a gift; it’s a reflection of your values, compassion, and desire for positive change. By considering a legacy donation to Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, you can ensure that your support lives on, creating a brighter future for generations to come. With a legacy donation, you can:

  • Create a Legacy of Impact: Your contribution will support our mission, driving change that matters.
  • Inspire Others: Your generosity sets an example and encourages others to contribute to causes that resonate with them.
  • Perpetuate Your Values: Your legacy gift ensures that the values you hold dear continue to make a difference.
  • Leave a Lasting Mark: Your legacy becomes a testament to your dedication to creating positive change.


How to Make a Legacy Gift

Leaving a legacy gift is a meaningful and straightforward process, tailored to your preferences and financial goals:

  1. Gift in Your Will: Include Neuroendocrine Cancer UK in your Will, designating a specific amount, percentage, or asset.
  2. Charitable Trusts: Explore charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts to align your legacy with your financial plan.
  3. Life Insurance Policies: Name Neuroendocrine Cancer UK as a beneficiary, ensuring your legacy lives on.
  4. Retirement Accounts: Designate Neuroendocrine Cancer UK as a beneficiary, enjoying tax benefits while supporting a cause you believe in.

Join us in crafting a legacy of compassion, progress, and hope. To learn more about legacy giving and its impact, visit our “Leaving a Lasting Legacy” page:

Your legacy is a beacon of change that will continue to shine brightly, touching lives and creating a better world. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.