Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community


Dec 6, 2021

The UKAOS is a new multidisciplinary group of health professionals committed to the development and delivery of Acute Oncology services across the UK and for it to become the UK voice of Acute Oncology supporting the development of education and research.

To expand on this vision, the UKAOS aspires to:

  1. Act as an expert resource – sharing information and pathways and working with National Health Departments and related organisations
  2. Act (with other recognised organisations) to ensure patient safety and wellbeing is at the centre of all acute cancer care
  3. Work with relevant organisations to develop research opportunities
  4. Collaborate with stakeholder groups to develop training resources for professionals working in acute oncology
  5. Deliver an annual meeting on acute oncology.

Register to become involved and informed:

Achieving the aims of the Society, will need the support of professionals working in, or who have a specific interest in, the field of Acute Oncology.

Please do register to receive further information, including invitations to meetings, e-communications and access to the wealth of information provided through the website:

With support, the UKAOS will be firmly established as an organisation committed to improving the delivery of Acute Oncology services for patients.