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AMEND CEO Elected to European Society Committee Co-Chair Position

Sep 13, 2022

AMEND CEO, Jo Grey, has been elected as one of 3 co-chairs of the Patient Advisory Group (PAGs) Committee of the European Society for Endocrinology (ESE).

Jo joins fellow co-chairs, Johan De Graaf (Chair of the Dutch Pituitary Foundation), and Peter Lakwijk (Treasurer of Thyroid Federation International), in representing the needs of a diverse group of PAGs and endocrine-related diseases.

The role of the co-chairs includes the following:

  • Helping setting meeting agenda and reviewing minutes of the ESE/ESE PAG meetings
  • Working with the ESE-chair and the ESE office to prepare for the 2 annual board meetings (including one at the annual ECE Congress)
  • Work with the other PAG members to properly reflect their input in the board meetings and on topics discussed
  • Secure follow-up of action points with the PAG members
  • Provide leadership to specific initiatives/projects

Given the diversity of endocrine-related disease within AMEND’s remit, Jo is well-placed to take on this role, together with her European colleagues.  She is very much looking forward to working with them and fellow European PAGs who are affiliated members of the ESE:

“I am looking forward to working with Peter and Johan to represent the voices of all endocrine conditions covered by ESE affiliated member PAGs.”

*Picture: Jo (left) and Sarah Norman (right) at the 2022 ECE Congress on European Hormone Day