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Ancora – Humanising clinical trials with AI

Jul 25, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a development that brings renewed hope to the Neuroendocrine Cancer community., an innovative company at the forefront of medical technology, is transforming the landscape of clinical trial accessibility for patients with Neuroendocrine Cancer. serves as a bridge connecting cancer patients with cutting-edge clinical trials, empowering them to make informed decisions about their treatment options. The company’s mission is to humanise the clinical trial process, ensuring patients can access personalised trial options that cater to their unique needs.
Clinical trials play a pivotal role in providing patients with access to novel and pioneering treatments. However, finding relevant trials can often be daunting for patients and their families.’s comprehensive research database compiles ongoing cancer trials, including those specifically targeted at Neuroendocrine Cancer.
Through’s intuitive platform, patients can easily identify nearby clinical trials, streamlining the process and removing unnecessary obstacles in their journey towards better health. Moreover, the service is both user-friendly and entirely free of charge, ensuring that patients can easily navigate their options without any financial burden.
We are honoured to feature Danielle Ralic, the visionary CEO and founder of, in this week’s inspiring podcast episode. In the interview, Danielle discusses the challenges of finding relevant clinical trials and shares the serendipitous reason behind the company’s creation. The podcast delves into the unique opportunities offers to Neuroendocrine Cancer patients, empowering them to comprehend the intricacies of clinical trials and have meaningful conversations with their medical teams.
This initiative by is a significant stride towards fostering a more patient-centric approach to Neuroendocrine Cancer treatment. Neuroendocrine Cancer UK encourages all patients and caregivers to explore the website.
To listen to the captivating podcast episode featuring Danielle Ralic, visit