Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community


Apr 27, 2021

20% of our Neuroendocrine Cancer community has a Lung primary.
Lung NET and NEC can cause no, or lots of symptoms. Some may be similar – but many are different – to those experienced by people with a gut-based or other primary site. And reactions to SSAs (the monthly injections) can be remarkably similar!
Lung NET or NEC may also follow different treatment pathways and we hear of very varied patient experiences of care, in this group.
🙏 So we would like to ask 🙏
Is there any interest in having a specific Lung Natter?
The group would be held online, every other month. With much the same format as current Natters – but with a sole focus on Lung.
As many of you know, Kate, our Natter Co-ordinator & NCUK Patient Ambassador – was diagnosed with a Lung NET in 2003. She would be involved in coordinating and facilitating this group.
Kate would also bring her experience as a Research Ambassador for INCA (International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance) – enhancing discussion on Lung Neuroendocrine research, data, trials and treatments.
If you would be interested in the Lung Natter or in finding out more – please email us 📩