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David Bartlett – Primary Care Knowledge Podcast

Feb 2, 2023

An Approach to Rare Diseases in Primary Care including discussion on Neuroendocrine Cancer, Primary Care Knowledge Boosts Podcast

We are delighted that one of our Trustees and retired GP David Bartlett was part of the Primary Care ‘Knowledge Boosts Podcast‘ raising awareness about Neuroendocrine Cancer.  This podcast is run by two GPs based in Greater Manchester, who interview specialists with the aim of improving the confidence and knowledge of primary care clinicians across different subjects.

This episode, “An approach to rare diseases in primary care” discusses some of the challenges faced by GPs in diagnosing rare diseases and balancing this with the risk of over investigation.  It provided a wonderful opportunity to highlight Neuroendocrine Cancer and discuss the symptoms, when it could be considered as a potential diagnosis and what GPs can do if they suspect the disease.

This forms part of our ‘Spotlight on Neuroendocrine Cancer’ campaign in which we aim to support HCPs and raise awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer.

The podcast also links to our Royal College of GPs eLearning module on Neuroendocrine Cancer which is a wonderful resource for more in depth information about Neuroendocrine Cancer specifically for General Practitioners.

This was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer among General Practitioners with the aim of supporting GPs to be able to recognise potential Neuroendocrine Cancer patients earlier and so enable them to be diagnosed faster and more accurately.

Please help us and share this with your GP!

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