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ENETs Conference – Day 1 Update

Mar 10, 2022

07:30am: The annual ENETs conference has just kicked off in Barcelona. Throughout the day we will be updating you with any interesting developments.

– Today’s session kicks off with the opening session ‘Are we ready for precision medicine in NEN 2022?’ by James Yao, USA. You can find out more about NENs here.

08:00am: Session 1

– Fantastic first session concluded by Jaume Capdevila. He summarised perfectly the current state of play around molecular pathology and precision medicine:

  1. The era of precision medicine has arrived to the NEN field
  2. Molecular pathology should be utilised in routine clinical practice
  3. We need to have open minds about the future of molecular pathology and gather more knowledge, as different techniques may suggest different treatment options
  4. Caution is needed as however as currently knowing the target does not guarantee a response.

– Tara Whyand and Mike Tadman, two of NCUK’s MDT advisory board, present their work at ENETs 2022 – A Case of Night Blindness from Vitamin A Deficiency

– NCUK’s Nikie Jervis has a poster and oral presentation at ENETs 2022 entitled ” Addressing Professional Development Needs in Neuroendocrine Cancer Nursing. Great to see the PLANETs team at ENETs!

10:00am – Session 2

– Professor Caplin provides great insights in to the question of imaging post PRRT (and other treatments), and moving beyond RECIST/PFS for assessment post PRRT. Some of the alternative options discussed for consideration:

  1. PRRT Predictive Quotient (PPG)
  2. The role of the NETest
  3. The role of hybrid imaging
  4. The role of CT/MRI
  5. Choi criteria as an alternative to RECIST
  6. The use of AI and sophisticated algorithmsHe also covered the issue of pseudo progression and warned caution is necessary – scanning too early post treatment may be misleading.

Listening to the #patient voice from Surveys to understand what is really required. We must be patient-led in all aspects of care: #enets2022

– Great discussion by the panel on how to help address unmet patient needs – more centres of excellence, provide more #CNS and put patients at the centre of treatment decisions #ENETs

– Patients who are willing, knowledgeable and trained in advocacy want to be involved at the outset in the design of clinical trials for our #Neuroendocrine Cancer community. Teodora Kolrova and NCUK’s Kate Quirk highlighting importance of patient involvement in (NEN) research at #ENETS22

1:00pm – Session 3

– Next up our CEO Cathy Bouvier discussing Influences and Barriers to excellence in patient care #ENETS22

– Considerations – most patients want to be involved in their care from the outset. Listening to the #patient voice makes for a more productive outcome. #ENETS22

– The vital importance of patient engagement in treatment decisions for NEN was highlighted today at #ENETS2022 by Catherine Bouvier, INCA Past President and NCUK CEO, in today’s session on “Defining success and individualising therapy in NEN”. #LetsTalkAboutNETs