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National WEBINATTER – Managing Moments (triggers and flares) – ONLINE

This month’s webinatter is hosted by our Midlands Regional Natter Group: and will focus on managing moments – identifying triggers and the responding flare of physical symptom and/or emotional reaction to them, and techniques that can be used to self-manage them.

Triggers and flares vary widely from person to person: they may be associated with either a physical or emotional reaction, or both. Triggers may be a memory or association: a date, person, place or activity. Flares are our emotional and/or physical response to a trigger. For example,  a song may bring a good or bad memory to mind. If good, then we can enjoy it – but if it makes us uncomfortable: sad, anxious or angry – this can be felt both physically and psychologically. 

Learning to recognise physical signs of reacting to a trigger, such as changes in your breathing, can help you to implement coping strategies to calm yourself, to bring your breathing back to your normal, to re-centre yourself and help you deal with the  uncomfortable feelings and sensations a trigger can bring. For example, in becoming anxious before or during an MRI scan – some people have found that using mindfulness techniques such as 4-square breathing or ‘grounding‘ techniques helps them tolerate the scan. 

Advice from Kym Winter, Founder and CEO of Rare Minds, our counselling and psychotherapy colleagues, on how to help manage anxiety during hormone surges – can be found here.

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Our next Midlands Natters will be held in the New Year: 2025 dates TBC

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Nov 19 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm