Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Faces of NCUK

Aug 9, 2021

Around 36,000 people are affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer in the UK, with over 5,000 people newly diagnosed each year. That is more than 13 people a day. For many the first time they will have heard about Neuroendocrine Cancer will be the day they receive their diagnosis.
Faces of NCUK is here for you to be part of a huge community of like minded people, and to share your own thoughts and feelings about Neuroendocrine Cancer. Whoever you are – a Neuroendocrine Cancer patient, a supporter, a friend, healthcare professional or a loved one – you have the power to take action and make your voice count.
By talking about your experiences, you can help us tell powerful stories that raise awareness and create a wider and deeper conversation about Neuroendocrine Cancer across the UK. People who’ve shared their story often find it a really positive experience and an opportunity to make a real difference for people living with Neuroendocrine Cancer, and their families.
Whether you are living with Neuroendocrine Cancer, or supporting a loved one who has been diagnosed, we’d love to hear from you.