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Name: Alan

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Alan’s story
I’m a father with two adult daughters, married to Kate since 1995.  I live in Cheshire with dogs, cats, hens, and a parrot! I became poorly in 2019, suspected to be cancer, but unconfirmed for two years.

I was diagnosed with possibly two neuroendocrine tumours on the tail of my pancreas in August 2021 and had a distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy on 1st October.  I’m nearly two years post-op now and my health is improving, I’m not fully recovered, but I believe it’s going in the right direction; creon, paracetamol, and codeine are a staple part of my diet!

Counselling helps, we realised I find it therapeutic to share. We agreed I needed an outlet that allowed me to explain where ‘I am’ for me, when I’m too tired or emotional to explain it myself, this is how my YouTube channel was born.

I have lots more about my NET journey to share in my Lesser Man series, along with a few light-hearted confessions along the way.  So do please like and subscribe, I’ll keep posting in the hope that you find it helpful.

Alan Motyer Lowndes AKA The Senior Confessor xx


Do you have any useful hints and tips that you would like to share?
Whilst undiagnosed I had an agreement with my GP, I’d ask her rather than Google symptoms, I think it saved me a lot of stress.

I’ve been completely frank about my health with my employer, before and after surgery I told them what was happening and how I was coping.  I’m very fortunate to work for a supportive company. I highly recommend getting some form of counselling.

Have you used any of the Neuroendocrine Cancer UK services, if so which? and how have you found them helpful?
I’ve joined a Natter (support group) once and find the Facebook group to be incredibly supportive.

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