Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Name: Judy

Age: 69

Neuroendocrine Cancer site: Small Bowel and metastasis to the Liver

Judy’s Story:

I was first diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer in 2019 which came as a shock, as I had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer again after a 12 year break, but this time a more aggressive Cancer (Spindle Cell).

It was after I had a bad reaction to my Breast Biopsy that something else was suspected! After 3 months of tests I was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer which was just after Christmas. I also had ongoing treatment for the Breast Cancer which included 2 removals of tumours from my left Breast culminating in a Mastectomy in that Breast plus Radiation treatment and being put on Lanreotide Injections every 4 weeks, now 3 weeks, to keep the Neuroendocrine at bay.

All this during Lockdown, quite scary! I overcame the Breast Cancer again, so far anyway, so that was a tremendous relief so now I could concentrate on overcoming the Neuroendocrine Cancer! I have a good nurse, Graham Dilkes, he gives me my injections and answers my questions. I have a CT Scan every 3 months and blood and Urine tests and have felt well and have been having regular walks, countryside and beach with family and friends and have been quite happily living my normal life.