Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

My name is Sally Jenkins and I am a retired computer systems analyst and lecturer living in South Wales.

I was diagnosed with metastatic small bowel NETS in 2009 after life-saving emergency surgery for mesenteric ischaemia caused by the NETS.

Before diagnosis I had two gruelling years of ‘revolving doors ’ visits to different medics, without result. 

After diagnosis it still took several years of struggle with badly managed symptoms before a NET specialist took over my management and transformed my Quality of Life.

Now, eleven years on from diagnosis and receiving superb care from a NET Centre of Excellence I am still battling to adjust to the ever-changing physical and mental challenges of living with Neuroendocrine Cancer.

I seize any opportunity to raise awareness of this Cinderella cancer and am delighted to be a patient ambassador for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK. My specialist interest is the MIND the Gap programme. I am a critical friend to NHS Wales and I value fair play. I enjoy yoga and spending time with friends and family, including dogs and cats!