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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Future blood testing : An invitation to participate in a research study.

Jul 26, 2022

This is a research study, based at Reading University, to help understand the current experience cancer patients have with blood testing, and how this might be improved in the future by using remote solutions to minimise the need for visits to healthcare facilities to provide blood samples.

The information will be contributing to the work of Future Blood Testing Network to improve the way that blood tests are done.

The study group appreciates that many of you will be undergoing treatment or on surveillance and living with Neuroendocrine Cancer and does not aim to add to any person’s burden. Therefore, they have created a very short survey which is completely anonymous and can be completed in 4 minutes.

“We would really appreciate hearing from your community at Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, any help would be very much appreciated.”

Whilst we support the study, it is being run outside of NCUK, therefore if you have any questions about taking part or would like to know more – please contact the research group here

The study is under the auspices of Reading University : Remote solutions for cancer care

Masters’ Researcher at Reading University.